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Are You an Emotional Eater?
Want to stop?

Big picture, you want to break free of mindless, emotional and "stress" eating. You want to heal your relationship with food, to be able to trust yourself to decide what you eat and when you eat it. And you want to do all that in a way that still allows for the foods you love without rigid rules and restrictions.


Maybe you've had a lifetime of diets and "healthy lifestyles" but they weren't sustainable. Maybe you tried OA, but blanket abstinence from sugar and flour didn't feel like the right solution for you.


A great relationship with food is possible for you!  It can be done. I'm happy to share with you what I know, what has worked for my clients, and how you can easily create a healthy life for yourself and still be you.


This is an Anti-Diet approach that gets you in touch with what foods and eating habits work for you as an individual, so you can be true to yourself and feel confident about your choices.  The goal is to move from mindless eating to Mindful Eating.  Intuitive Eating.  Intentional Eating.

You were the first person I had ever met who planted the seed in my mind that it wasn’t me who was failing my diet but my diet failing me, and that there is another way to live that doesn’t involve a constant fixation with weight.  - Sally F, Herndon, VA ​Thank you so much for setting me on the path to my new life… I’ve learned how it is not just the food, but all the people and things in my life that nourish me. You’ve helped me gain habits that will last me through a long and healthy life.  – Maurina R, Alexandria, VA

If you're interested in moving past diets and weight loss, and if you want to break free from beating yourself up about your food choices, your eating habits, and your body, I have a lot to offer you.  Learn More About the Program.

In my experience, the way you eat is a snapshot of how you feel about yourself.  Sometimes you eat intentionally with self-compassion, other times it's mindlessly - which often brings self-judgement.  My clients are able to break free from years of guilt and shame around food!

I can show you how to do eat and live intentionally with self-compassion more often than not (nobody's perfect, it's about progress, not perfection).  I have helped over a hundred people learn new skills around eating and living so they  feel confident about their food choices and good about themselves.


I'm Certified as both a Holistic Health and Intuitive Eating Counselor, as well as being a Licensed Nutritionist, and I've got a personalized, integrative approach to balanced eating that works.  Sound good?  Keep reading, and as always, feel free to ask a question, or schedule a Free Consultation!


I will teach you how to shift from mindless to intentional, intuitive, eating.


If you want to feel good about yourself, if you’re ready to heal your relationship with food, and if you believe that guidance, accountability, and enthusiastic encouragement will benefit you, then you’re ready to dive in to this approach. 

I invite you to Learn More About the Program. 


Envision what your life could look like WITHOUT constantly thinking about food and your body.

With my expert support and guidance, you'll develop a new approach to eating and new skills so you can have a healthy relationship with food for the long-term. You’ll be able to shift your focus away from the things you cannot change and put your efforts toward changing the things you can. 

Imagine freeing up all the time, mental, and physical energy you've been spending on dieting and beating yourself up – wouldn’t you love to start using it on more meaningful and rewarding things? Like your friendships, your family, your career, and those hobbies that have fallen by the wayside. Doesn’t that sound great?  Take the first step and Learn More About the Program.


Today's the day to start feeling better about yourself and your food choices.  Hoorah!

¨The biggest testimony to Jennifer's approach is that for the first time in my life I feel I have found a healthy, sustainable way to think about and eat food.  I never feel deprived and I'm able to eat what I want in addition to what I need. My life is completely changed.

Thank you, thank you!¨

Mary L

Hi, it's me again.

I believe there is a place for ‘junk’ food in a healthy lifestyle, and it doesn't involve counting calories, brutal meal plans, or rigid deprivation.  Living like that undermines your happiness and ruins your health. I'll teach you how to recognize your body's natural hunger cues, to understand what your cravings really mean, and to nourish yourself in a way that's easy and sustainable.