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Your personalized plan begins with an initial consultation - a time to talk in depth about your eating history, how you use food, and how your skewed relationship with food is affecting your life.

Note:  If your singular goal is weight loss, we won't be a good fit to work together.  The goal of this work is for you to stop feeling bad about yourself, your food choices and your eating habits.  There's no diet/meal plan, and it's not a quick fix.  This is a different approach that sets you up for long term health and happiness, it is definitely not just another weight loss program.

Although I don't contract with any health insurance programs, I can provide a detailed 'Superbill" with the necessary codes for you to submit to your insurance carrier.  Coverages vary.

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¨I appreciate that Jennifer's approach is absolutely without judgment and very positive. She views everything as an opportunity and is completely focused on making these opportunities work for you. Her personal attention and customized program has been very helpful to me. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve their health in any way.¨

Lauren D

¨Jennifer provides a refreshing and unique approach to long-term healthy eating. Her nutrition-based recommendations are tailored to individual life styles. You will feel better too.¨

Maurina P

What's your goal?

Stop your cravings? Get over emotional eating and feel good about your choices? 

Contact me below to set up a Free Consultation.

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