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You don't need more self-discipline or will power.

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                  Is This You?

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Emotional Eater

Happy = Ice Cream. Sad = Doughnuts. Angry = pizza. 

And anything you can get your hands on when you're STRESSED OUT! 

Eat and Repeat. Feel lousy. Sound familiar?  I can help you get back in control. It’s time to free up from out of control eating and feel good about your food choices.

Hooked on Sugar


Do you crave sweets?  Does the vending machine call your name every day at 3pm?  Do you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster and can’t get off? I can teach you how to gently shift your food choices and eating habits so that Sugar doesn’t rule your life. You’ll have fewer mood swings, less fatigue, more energy, more freedom, more joy!

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In Recovery


Success in recovering from alcoholism or food addiction depends on a foundation of good nutrition. Balanced biochemistry is essential for maintaining sobriety. We'll work together so you learn how to add in foods that will bring balance while gently crowding out the foods that are setting you up for relapse and misery. You’ll learn what the joy of living is all about as you gain more energy, more vitality – easily.

The goals of your personalized plan are to balance your nutrition and realign your relationship with food so you

can avoid the cravings, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting that lead to misery.

I'll assess your current eating patterns, and help you find the right foods for your body.

I'll show you ways to implement and maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results toward gaining balance, curbing emotional eating, and eliminating yo-yo dieting.

¨Original.  Enlightening. A new way of thinking about food.¨

Sara R, Arlington, VA

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