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10% Anti-Diet Challenge

You might already be familiar with 10% Happier, the app that aims to help you get happier and be less stressed through meditation. They've got tons of guided meditations. Short meditations, long meditations, talks on various topics - there's a lot to choose from. NOTE: I get absolutely no compensation for telling you about the app or the Anti-Diet Challenge. Nix. Niente. Nada. What I do get is a whole lot of excitement that a big organization like 10% is teaming up with one of my favorite personalities, Christy Harrison. She's the author of "Anti-Diet", and host of a podcast called Food Psych. You may have noticed in recent newsletters that my focus on and approach to eating is shifting. I can't get behind diets anymore. Research shows they don't work, and in actuality they do the one thing I simply can't stand: foster a tendency to beat up on yourself. I want to help you make peace with food and with yourself. I've found that the way you eat reveals how you feel about yourself - you can eat intentionally with self-compassion, or mindlessly with self-disregard. I'm committed to teaching you how to feel confident about yourself and all your food choices, all the time. So, if you're interested, 10% is holding a free Anti-Diet Challenge. It starts December 6, and is a week of daily short videos from the host of 10%, Dan Harris, and Christy Harrison. Each video is followed by a 10 minute guided meditation. I've done 10% challenges in the past, and I think they're fun. I've learned a lot, and have done the meditations most days ;). It's not pass/fail, you just do what you can do and learn what you can learn. Just wanted to let you know about it. You can download the app and join the challenge if you like. The Anti-Diet Challenge If you do sign up, feel free to let me know and we can chat throughout the week to compare notes. I'd love to have company, if you're into it! Warmly, Jennifer www.FoodAndMoore.com Share with a friend Sign Up For the Newsletter! (no obligation, and your data is safe with me) www.FoodAndMoore.com

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I help women who feel powerless over food learn new skills and a new approach to eating so that they can feel confident about themselves and all their food choices, all the time. I believe you can move away from rigid restriction and trust yourself around food, and I'd love to teach you how. You can look forward to being free of the guilt and shame that comes with the chronic obsession with dieting. I invite you to a Free Consultation. The sooner the better. If you're ready to feel confident and in charge of your life, now is the time. Your friend, Jennifer

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