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Are Your Vegetables Clean?

The new list is here! Each year the Environmental Working Group puts out their list of the Clean 15, as counterpoint to their annual Dirty Dozen. Here is a link to their website, scroll down on the homepage to see the lists.

If your favorite fruits and vegetables are on the Clean 15, fantastic! That means they are grown with the fewest herbicides and pesticides among all the foods tested. If they're on the Dirty Dozen, don't freak out - just be sure to buy those organic. I love these guides because they save me money. No reason to buy organic avocados or asparagus, they're on the Clean 15.

Even if they're not on the Dirty Dozen, I also strive to buy organic on the foods I eat every day. My daily breakfast has blueberries, apples, almonds, and spinach, so I definitely get those organic (mine is a truly 'dirty' meal, but it sure looks good - that's a legit photo above). I also eat bread for lunch everyday, so I go for Dave's Killer Bread, which is organic and non-GMO. I tell everybody to eat Dave's Killer Bread. You'd think they'd offer to put me on the payroll, but they haven't. But maybe they should...

Yet I digress. Check out EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. How do this year's lists effect you? Are you going to make any changes? Let me know, I'm genuinely curious!!!

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