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Collage Cooking Hack: Leftovers

I went out last night b/c I needed hemoglobin - or as some might call it, protein and iron. Or, as most might call it, a hamburger. Tonight I had leftovers.

Started: 7:02 Eating: 7:12*

- 1/2 hamburger, leftover

- 1/8 fries, leftover

- 1/2 brocolini, leftover

- watermelon, already cut up from Safeway

- green beans, raw

- baby carrots, raw

- ketchup

- cup of sauerkraut, from a jar (It's important to eat something fermented every day. For your digestive health. What we call ketchup was originally invented by the Chinese, it was a fermented fish sauce. I think I'd rather eat sauerkraut and use the Hines 57 ketchup.)

* had to crisp up the fries in the toaster oven

Gorgeous. Delicious. Good life.

She'd go for the fish sauce.

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