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Does Your Appetite Need Suppressing?

Hiya and welcome to July! (Insert obligatory comment about the heat.) In other news, there’s been an exciting development on the prescription drug front. Turns out there’s this diabetes drug called semaglutide that, in elevated doses, has been associated with weight loss. They’ve branded it as Wegovy, and with a prescription, you can give yourself a weekly injection of it to suppress your appetite and enhance your satiety. Suggesting: you’ll eat less. Hoorah, yes?


Here’s what I know. In a perfect world, for people who have a straight-forward, uncomplicated relationship with food, it stands that being less hungry and feeling more full would be a sure fire way to eat less.

Alas, most people I know aren’t always overeating because they’re hungry, and they don’t always stop when they’re full. Suggesting: our eating isn’t always about hunger and satiety.

For some of us, what we’re trying to suppress isn’t appetite, it’s the way we’re feeling. It's emotional eating.

Sometimes things aren’t going quite right in our lives and we reach to food to suppresses and soothe the feelings. It could be frustration, over-worked-ness, sadness, boredom, or not-being-appreciated-ness. Or loneliness. Or plain old tiredness. You likely relate to one of those, or for you it might be something a little different, but I think you get the gist of it.

Food can take the edge off for a little while, but it doesn’t fix what’s really going on.

When you're eating emotionally, you aren’t overeating because you’re hungry. A appetite suppressant isn’t going to change that. And you don’t always stop when you're full. A satiety enhancer isn’t going to change that. At the end of the day, drugs don’t address the real ‘why’ of your wonky relationship with food.

I can help you get to the bottom of your wonky relationship with food and change it. You’ll be able to understand your feelings and make choices that truly soothe you without defaulting to food to do it.

I believe in making changes that last, rather than just suppressing the problems.

That said, of course you’re welcome to check out Wegovy. But for my money (btw that stuff costs a LOT of money), taking the time to slow down and heal your relationship with food is the way to go.

If you want to stop overeating, and if feeling good about yourself and confident about your food choices are important to you, schedule a Free Phone Chat with me and let’s get you on track!

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