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i don't fit in

It's National Nutrition Month, and I don't fit in. Have you ever had that feeling? That you don't fit in? 😔 If you're over 13, you've probably had that experience. It probably started in middle school, or maybe even earlier - that sinking feeling that you're different than other folks. For me, National Nutrition Month is really driving that home - but in an 💪empowering💪way. Most of my colleagues are jumping on the opportunity to send newsletters and post posts about nutrition: calories, fasting, meal plans... but even though I'm a Nutritionist, that's not me. I've been trying to figure it out for some time. I was a Holistic Health Coach for a period of time, but that didn't seem to help people get healthier. Then I practiced Clinical Nutrition for awhile, but people weren't getting happier. Then I kinda pushed those two approaches together, and my clients are truly changing their relationship with food - they're becoming healthier and happier! 💖 Here's an example from Shirley, a woman I worked with over the last few months:

"My old mindset: If I eat that, I have to eat something else to balance... or I have to eat this food now because it won’t be available later and I have to eat a lot of it My mindset now: If I really want, I can eat as long as have a napkin and know the intention. I am eating smaller sizes, because that is all I want. I am not eating because I can always eat later so I am not tempted to overeat. Just really a whole different relationship with food. Super huge thank you for your mission and all your help to me personally."

So, that's what I do! 🙌 I don't know how to put it on a business card - other than to say I help women change their relationship with food so they can stop overeating and start feeling good about themselves. We focus on holistic nutrition, mindfulness, and self-compassion - a trifecta that really works! If traditional nutrition and diet advice aren't getting you any closer to the health and happiness you crave, let's talk. We can meet via Zoom for a free consultation - so we can talk about what's going on with you, what you envision for yourself, and how I can help. Just click here.

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