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It's Sugar Season!

It's Sugar Season! Happy Halloween! Scary yard decorations? Scary costume? Scary bowls full of candy? It’s begun – Sugar Season! Starting today (or back in August, when retailers started with it), it’s sugar and decadence for the next 6 months straight. Halloween, Thanksgiving, the December holidays, New Year’s, Valentine’s, Easter. Wowzers. But let’s try to stay in today. Today you likely have a house full of candy, and tomorrow everyone will bring their leftover candy to the office and to your community gatherings – so you’re going to be surrounded. How can you keep from making yourself sick? Try to remember to have fun. Candy is fun. So keep it fun. Eating past the point of comfort, until you feel sick and sticky, isn’t fun at all. Eating mindlessly, hand-to-mouth, surrounded by a pile of discarded wrappers isn’t fun. Hiding in the car to eat isn’t fun. Candy is fun. How do you eat for fun? Be intentional. Choose the candy you really like and enjoy it. Be present. Sit, get a napkin. Make a show of it, remove the wrapper rather than tearing it off. Savor. Taste it with all of your senses, appreciate the yumminess. This is fun, this is a treat, this is something that makes your heart sing, or reminds you of wonderful memories, or is you being right there with the gang and having a good time. No guilt. No shame. It’s just candy. You can have it any time, really, so there’s no need to binge on it. It’ll be there tomorrow, next week, next year. No need to eat like a fiend. Just eat enough. How much is enough? Until you’re satisfied. How are you going to know that? Try all the suggestions from three paragraphs back and see what happens. In my experience, feeling satisfied takes a lot less candy than you think it will. If you need more of an explanation and some guidance on how to eat for fun without guilt or shame, join us for a workshop this Thursday, November 3 at 7pm. I’m calling it “Stop Mindless Eating! The 3 Reasons Why You Eat and How to Master Them”. It’s a live, interactive, virtual Master Class. It's perfect for you if you ever get confused about why, when, what, and how much to eat. I’d love for you to be there. Get more info and register here. Early Bird discount in effect until midnight tonight, save $10 with code EARLYBIRD10 Happy Happy Halloween! Questions: Share with a friend

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