• Jennifer Moore

Mindful Eating: Cupcakes! Workshop

Mindful Eating: Cupcakes!

Saturday, May 13 at 2pm,

at 532 Yoga in Alexandria, VA

(or live stream wherever you are)

Well, you've probably heard of mindful eating workshops – they typically involve sucking on a raisin for an hour. That sounds horrible to me, so I created Mindful Cupcakes!

This workshop focuses on Mindful Eating – the art of savoring and truly appreciating your food.

Learning to eat mindfully will avail you more self awareness, fewer binges, more joy and less stress.

You’ll learn how to get in touch with your intuition around food: recognizing your natural hunger and satiety cues; knowing what your cravings really mean and how to address them; choosing foods that are both pleasing and nourishing; reclaiming a healthy relationship with all food, all the time.

Doesn’t that sound liberating?

And you get to do all that while eating a Cupcake.


This workshop is insanely popular and will definitely sell out,

so jump right in and sign up using the link below.

Looking forward to seeing you at Mindful Cupcakes!

sign up or get more info here

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