• Jennifer Moore

Tday Training Crunch Time!

Thanksgiving Crunch Time!!!

The time is NOW!

Consider yourself officially in training for Thanksgiving.

What’s the goal of this training? Being true to yourself, eating what you really want, and having boundaries. Autonomy and agency around the way you eat. Confidence. Self Respect. Feeling good about yourself no matter what.

Why train? Because it’s likely that these things don’t come easily for you. Because you’re going to be surrounded by foods that you only get once a year. Because your Mom/Aunt Edna/your neighbor/your coworker really wants you to have seconds, and that’s her love language so how can you say no???

So, the first tip I’ll offer is one that’s going to get you a lot of bang for your buck. The kind of bang that’s going to flow over into every area of your life. Genuinely powerful stuff. And it’s just 3 words.

No, thank you.

It’s a complete sentence. It’s honest. It’s even polite.

No, thank you.

No, thank you to the second helping of pumpkin pie when you’re already full.

No, thank you to the green bean casserole you don’t even like.

No, thank you to sitting around watching TV when you’d rather take a walk in the cool Fall air.

No, thank you to gossiping about people who aren’t there.

No, thank you to anything and everything you don’t want to do.

It’ll be different, I know. And challenging. And not well received by those who are used to your going along with whatever they want you to do.

So start training now.

Say it to yourself in the mirror.

Find three times a day to say it to someone else. Saying it while the stakes are low is going to make it much easier when those truly triggering people are all up in your business.

Practice makes progress, you can do it!

Your friend,


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