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Thanksgiving Diet Tips (FREE)

I used to work for one of those big box Weight Loss companies. Like every other game in town, they had some diet tips for Thanksgiving. Some of them were helpful, sure, but others were downright brutal. One of the things most programs and influencers promote is “Healthy Swaps” – replacing one food with another in the interest of reducing calories, fat, etc, etc so you can stick to your diet, lose weight, blah blah blah. I thought I’d offer some “swaps” to traditional Thanksgiving diet advice, in the interest of helping you stay true to yourself and actually enjoy the holiday. Traditional Tips:

  • Skip breakfast so you’ll shrink your stomach, get full faster, and eat less.

  • Fill your plate with salad and raw vegetables to ‘crowd out’ other foods.

  • Make mashed cauliflower and keto stuffing so you can avoid the carbs.

  • Control your portions: 6 oz protein, 1 cup vegetables, ½ cup starch.

Suggested Swaps: (these are foundational ways you can use to approach food always):

  • Eat your meals like you always do. Skipping meals and restricting foods in anticipation of an event, a weekend, or a ‘cheat day’ is you actively, intentionally, planning a binge.

  • Eat the foods you enjoy. The ones that are half-hearted facsimiles of the real ones will leave you unfulfilled and wanting. And then you’ll feel "out of control" while you try to fill the hole you could have filled with real mashed potatoes the first time around.

  • Eat the amount that’s comfortable. Sit and savor until you’re satisfied. Satisfaction** encompasses appreciation of taste, smell, sight, environment, fullness – the whole experience.

So, there are some things to think about. Strive for a holiday that’s full of mindfulness and self compassion instead of guilt and shame. Keep in mind, Aunt Edna’s going to be there to question all of your life choices, anyway, so why pile on by making yourself feel bad? **If eating to the point of “satisfaction” sounds foreign, reckless, or even scary to you – shoot me a line and let's set up a free consultation to talk about your eating challenges and how I can help. How great would it be to go into the holidays - and the New Year - without overeating, with a healthy relationship with food, feeling good about your choices and GREAT about yourself? Your friend, Jennifer

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