• Jennifer Moore

Well, That's Done

Sugar Season. Those six months between October and April during which I take in 90% of my refined sugar for the year. It starts with Halloween. Then Thanksgiving. Christmas followed quickly by New Year’s Eve. Valentine’s Day. Easter. I was going to leave out March, because St. Patrick’s Day because Irish soda bread is pretty benign, but I actually found Guinness-flavored chocolate at Safeway this year.

We can be restored to sanity now. We’ve got months of berries, peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, and zucchini, then we roll in to apples and pears. Being outside. Picnics with friends. Trips to the beach and backyard cookouts. We’re talking low-glycemic good times between now and the beginning of the next sugar season. Get in there. Indulge.

And about all that Easter candy sitting on the kitchen counter at home and on the receptionist’s desk at work, just throw it out. Just. Throw it. Out. I’m sure you’re ready to stop feeling sticky and lethargic. No need to let Sugar Season last one day longer.

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