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Whom Do You Love?

I know, it's after Valentine's Day, and that's on purpose. When all the candy and cards are done, who's left? It's you, that's who, and you're the best of all. Loving someone takes a lot of work, doesn't it? You gotta put up with all their faults, their shortcomings, the way they do that thing that annoys you so much - every darn time. But how does it feel? It feels great. Accepting someone they way they are, noticing and appreciating their goodness - like the way they show up, do their best, and keep trudging no matter what - that's love. So, take this day and love on yourself. Big time. Practice self-compassion and recognize all the wonderful things about yourself. Write them down on a festive sheet of paper and post it somewhere that you'll see it on the regular. For when you forget. There's something very powerful about seeing words in your own handwriting, and if those words remind you of how amazing you are - even on those days when you don't believe it - that's a nice safety net for your self esteem. What does this have to do with nutrition? It's Holistic Nutrition, which is the best approach I've found for real, lasting growth. Pillars of Holistic Nutrition: food, water, sleep, movement, stress management, relationships, and spirituality. From a client: "In working with Jennifer, I’ve learned how it is not just the food, but all the people and things in my life that nourish me. You’ve helped me gain habits that will last me through a long and healthy life." - MR Paying attention to nurture any one of those pillars makes the rest of them fall into place. If you add in nutrient dense foods, you'll be more inclined to move your body. If you add in movement that makes you feel good, you'll be inspired to show up for your relationships. Round and round. Doing those things will help you love yourself, and loving yourself will help you do those things. Bring the love to you and celebrate Valentine's Day all year long. Especially today, because candy is on sale. Sitting and savoring your favorite sweet treat is definitely a form of self love.

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