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¨Thank you so much for setting me on the path to my new life. Your guidance has helped me make changes in how I shop, prepare and eat food. I now have the knowledge on how to buy fresh, whole foods, to use them in recipes and to savor them by eating with awareness and intent. You’ve helped me gain habits that will last me through a long and healthy life.¨

Maurina R, Alexandria, VA

¨I’m better able to associate how I feel (physically and emotionally) with what my diet has been and make the necessary adjustments.  In a matter of a day or so, I am able to get back on track instead of continuing for weeks or even months eating poorly and feeling bad. I have a better sense of control not just over my diet, but my life in general.¨

Carmen C, Chesapeake, VA

¨I appreciate that Jennifer's approach is absolutely without judgment and very positive. She views everything as an opportunity and is completely focused on making these opportunities work for you. Her personal attention and customized program has been very helpful to me. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve their health in any way.¨

Lauren D, Fairfax VA

¨Every time I hear somebody say they want to eat smarter, I tell them about Jennifer. To work with Jennifer is to enter into a completely different way of looking at food and nourishment. I'm sleeping more soundly and have more energy and brain power during the day. In summary, I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants some real enlightenment about what nourishment can mean for them.¨

Pete N, Springfield, VA

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