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Personalized Nutrition Counseling
Program Highlights


This program will be tailored to meet your personal needs and points of focus; the following are the basics of what we’ll be covering throughout our time together.  The results of working through these principles will be an end to the confusion and powerlessness you feel around eating, and the beginning of your being able to trust yourself with food. Bonus: since the way you eat is a microcosm of the way you live, the confidence you feel in making your food choices will flow into every area of your life!  Please read on to get an overview of what it's all about.  Feel free to ask a question, or to schedule a Free Consultation.


Now I feel like I understand the underlying reasons for "why" I was obsessing

over food and I have the behaviors and new belief systems to combat

those things. I am able to genuinely know what foods I want, and why, and I'm

able to turn foods down that don't serve me well in a given moment.

I feel that I am able to make decisions around food and before I honestly

felt like I had no choice and lacked any sort of agency in what I ate or how much I ate

- Kristen R, Alexandria, VA


Know Yourself

You probably don’t even realize how deeply diet culture has negatively impacted you - your self image and your self esteem.  You’ll reflect and come to understand your history, patterns, and relationship with food.  You’ll see the depth of your personal food rules. You’ll be empowered to talk back to your inner food critic and make peace with food.


Trust Yourself

Your body is a brilliant machine!  It knows exactly when and what you need to eat, as well as the ideal portion size.  The challenge is that you’ve gotten out of sync with your body’s natural cues.  We’ll spend time getting you back in touch with honoring your hunger and feeling your fullness.


Treat Yourself

Food is wonderful stuff!  For too long it’s been fraught with confusion and angst for you.  It’s possible that the pleasure of eating has fallen by the wayside.  Years of dieting and trying to eat just the ‘right’ foods has blunted the natural joy of eating. We’ll find ways to bring fun and satisfaction back into your relationship with food – eating without guilt or shame.


Respect Yourself

Imagine that taking care of yourself comes first. For too long you’ve been trying to force yourself into other people’s ideas of what you should look like and how you should live. Knowing what you want and need is the foundation of being able to ask for what you want and need.  Here you’ll learn how to interact with other people and their agendas around food.  Parties, holidays, and get togethers with family and friends can be challenging when everyone has their own baggage around eating. This is where you get the skills to set boundaries and be true to yourself.


Nurture and Nourish Yourself

Are you an emotional eater?  Food has probably been your go-to for self soothing.  We’ll add more tools to your toolkit, so you can address your needs head on and take care of yourself in the ways that best serve you.


All the work you’ll do on the preceding principles will lead to this: clarity about what truly nourishes you, right down to appreciating the special role of comfort food. You’ll learn which specific foods are energizing and empowering for you and we’ll bring it all together.   You’ll have a firm foundation in trusting yourself with food and be confident in every area of your life.



This program is designed to cover each of these principles over the course of six months, which will give us adequate time to shift your awareness and habits so you can integrate the principles on a deep level.  Meaning:  you’ll be ready to maintain a positive relationship with food and your body for the long term. We’ll start with a kick off call via Zoom to help us plan out your goals, and then meet via Zoom every other week for a total of 12 forty-five minute sessions, introducing new aspects of the principles with each session. Worksheets and ‘homework’ exercises are integrated throughout the program to keep you engaged and motivated. Additionally, you’ll have my full 1:1 attention and can contact me via email for support and accountability, to ask questions, or to chat about your experiences, challenges, and victories at any time for the entire six months. 

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It Works!


¨I’m better able to associate how I feel (physically and emotionally) with what my diet has been and make the necessary adjustments.  In a matter of a day or so, I am able to get back on track instead of continuing for weeks or even months eating poorly and feeling bad. I have a better sense of control not just over my diet, but my life in general.¨  - Carmen C, Chesapeake, VA


“I appreciate that Jennifer's approach is absolutely without judgment and very positive. She views everything as an opportunity and is completely focused on making these opportunities work for you. Her personal attention and customized program has been very helpful to me. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve their health in any way.”  - Laura D, Fairfax, VA


“The biggest testimony to Jennifer's approach is that for the first time in my life I feel I have found a healthy, sustainable way to think about and eat food.  I never feel deprived and I'm able to eat what I want in addition to what I need. My life is completely changed.

Thank you, thank you!” - Mary L, Alexandria, VA


“Jennifer has a very calm and light approach, with a sense of humor that always makes me feel comfortable discussing anything. What I received from Jennifer was much more than I expected. The knowledge and guidance she imparted are helping make new choices, emphasizing healthy nutrition and self awareness to improve my lifestyle.”  – Claire R, Woodbridge, VA

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