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Sure, you want to change your

Relationship with Food

But what does ‘relationship with food’ even mean?

             At it’s most basic, food is fuel.  It’s an essential part of life. “Relationship to Food”, for me, speaks to how we use food to relate to ourselves and the world around us. 


Food is fuel, sure, but it’s so much more than that.  It’s how we celebrate, it’s community, it’s a coping tool.  For many people food becomes the only thing they know to turn to for all those needs and the need for food gets out of balance and out of control.


An unhealthy relationship with food is when you eat more than you want, more often than you want, and feel horrible about it. 


A healthy relationship with food is one where you eat intuitively, intentionally, and it makes you feel good about yourself.  I want you to feel good about yourself.


I'll help you shift away from your destructive eating habits and move toward a healthy relationship with food.  If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired about the way you use food, and if you want to live peacefully in a world where you can enjoy all the good things food has to offer, this approach is for you.


               This approach is not about weight loss.  If you’re reading this, it’s likely that weight loss isn’t going to get you any closer to feeling happy, joyous and free.  This approach is about healing yourself and learning skills for living the kind of life that simply losing weight won't.  


Ready to get serious about changing your relationship with food and start building a life you love? 

Feel free to ask a question, schedule a Free Consultation, or jump right in and

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Although I don't contract with any health insurance programs, I can provide a detailed 'Superbill" with the necessary codes for you to submit to your insurance carrier.  Coverages vary.

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¨I appreciate that Jennifer's approach is absolutely without judgment and very positive. She views everything as an opportunity and is completely focused on making these opportunities work for you. Her personal attention and customized program has been very helpful to me.

I highly recommend Jennifer.¨

Lauren D

Arlington, VA  Alexandria, VA

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